Nomadic Scouts

Nomadic Scouts

🙋🏻‍♂️About us

We travel the planet, scouting for the best startups to introduce to our network of VCs and angels.

🤖What are we looking for?

  • Series A and B, preferably with a Lead investor.
  • As of today (Q1 22) our network is very interested in any emerging market Fintech, but we are absolutely industry agnostic and invest in any geographies

👐What can we do for you?

  • We will share your deck with our extensive list of investors and angels, mostly US-based, and make introductions
  • We get a scouting fee on the investor side so we DO NOT charge startups
  • Their average ticket size is between $1m and $3m and can go up to $10mln, they cover pretty much every industry and have a global focus
  • During the last quarter only (Q3 2021) we scouted $4m+ in deals in 2 continents, in 3 different industries along with Sequoia and Softbank

👨‍💻How can you get our support?

  • Send us your deck here
  • We will let you know if that’s of interest and eventually make intros

👌What do founders say about us?

Francesco and their guys are great, I sent them my deck and they did 5 introductions in less than 2 days, and one was with a US based megafund
AppSamurai founder, raising a series A
I sent them my deck, they did a couple of intros, and in 2 months we got 2 big checks
Elmenus founder, raising a series A

🗣️ Some of Our Members

Zach Coelius Coelius Capital (75m AUM), The first investor with a $1b exit on Angellist
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Adam Berke Adroll Founder (1.2bln valuation)
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Peter Cowley
President European Business Angel Association
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Dorion Carrol Vice President Mobile @ Amazon
notion image
Niket Desai
Founder @Punchd (Acquired by Google)
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Daniel Mori
CMO @Zoosk (acquired for $280m)
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Sheel Mohnot 3rd on the world's best seed-stage investor, GP @BT Ventures
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Tristan Pollock Partner at 500startup
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Patrick Lee
Founder at @Rotten Tomatoes, world's best movie review website
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Alistair Croll
Entrepreneur and Investor, author of the best-seller "Lean Analytics"

Some of our supporters:

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👥 Who are we:

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Francesco Cracolici, Managing Director
  • Francesco invests around €3M in startups every year for EBRD, the 2nd largest development bank in Europe. →Portfolio
  • He manages , the world largest network of US investors interested in emerging ecosystems